Thursday, March 1, 2012

American Idol - Top 12 Girls

Let's hope I like the girls better than the guys.

*Chelsea Sorrell - She sang Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood.  I enjoyed it, too bad the judges didn't!  Yay, good start.

*Erika Van Pelt - What About Love.  Wahoo - two good performances in a row.  Maybe Ryan was right that a girl could win this year!

Jen Hirsh - One and Only by Adele.  I found it boring :(

Brielle Von Hugel - Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding.  I thought it was good.

*Hallie Day - Feeling Good.  I enjoyed it and I genuinely like her!

*Skylar Laine - Stay with Me.  The country girls are doing so well tonight!

Baylie Brown - Lonestar's version of Amazed.  It got a little better as it went on...but it was disappointing. I really wanted to like her :(

*Hollie Cavanagh - Reflection by Christina Aguilera.  I really liked it and my mom thought it was awful.  Hmmm

Haley Johnsen - Sweet Dreams.  Randy Jackson and I hated it.

Shannon Magrane - Go Light Your World.  I thought it was kind of boring but her voice was really good.

*Jessica Sanchez - Love You I Do.  What an amazing performance for someone with swollen vocal chords.  It started off too quiet but by the end she must have been soaring on adrenaline!

*Elise Testone - One and Only by Adele...again.  This was the same song I found boring above???  I loved it this time!

I starred everyone I thought should go on...more than 5...eek!  I definitely thought the girls were better overall than the boys!

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AudreyO said...

I really enjoyed the girls performances.