Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mario Party 9

Wow, Mario Party 9 made a ton of changes compared to the other versions of Mario Party.  I still love it, but it is so different!
First of all, regular stars are gone.  You now try to collect the most mini stars.  There are mini stars all over the board so you collect tons.  There are also purple stars that deduct from your stars.  I guess mini stars are the new coins, but coins are eliminated.

Next, everyone now moves across the board in a shared vehicle.  The person who is rolling the dice is the captain, and they choose where the car moves to.


The worst change is that the minigames are only played now when you land on a minigame space.  You used to play a minigame after everyone had taken a turn, but now you play way fewer!  The minigames are really fun tho!

The only other huge change I noticed was game length.  You used to pick how many turns everyone got (ranging from either 5-10 up to about 50).  Now all games are 45 minutes.  My friends and I played 2 games the other night, and they continued to play after I left.


I guess all games have to evolve.  I miss the old version, but I will learn to love the new version because Mario Party is my favorite game!

Have you ever played a Mario Party game?  Are you a Nintendo fan like I am?


AudreyO said...

I haven't played it quite some time. Sounds like a nice new version.

Dee said...

This sounds so much fun! I wonder how long before my kiddos will be asking for this?